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VA Presents:

From Service to Success

An Online Event Series About Veterans’ Benefits

Millions of Veterans and their family members are successfully using VA benefits to buy homes, earn degrees, start careers, stay healthy, and do so much more in life after the military. At these events, learn how Veterans have gone from service to success.

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#ExploreVA Facebook Live Event: VA Home Loan Programs

In the market for a new home? Most VA home loans offer no down payment, competitive interest rates and no mortgage insurance. And if you are looking to modify your existing home to help you live more independently with a service-connected disability, VA offers Adapted Housing Grants to eligible Veterans.

Join representatives from VA and the National Association of Realtors for a Facebook Live event to learn about the benefits of using VA home loan and housing-related assistance programs, where to find more information and how to start the process.

Participating is easy.

  • Visit the National Association of Realtors’ Facebook page a few minutes before 1 p.m. EDT on June 28.
  • Refresh your page at 1 p.m. EDT to watch the video discussion; the live video will begin on the hour.
  • Click on the video, make sure it is unmuted and turn up your sound.
  • Type your questions into the comments below the video. Representatives will answer questions and provide resources after the event. You will need a Facebook account to ask questions.

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Event starts in 5 days

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Hear what other Veterans say. Watch the video below:
  • YouTube embedded video: When Harold was ready to buy a home, a VA loan made it easy.

    “Most loans require you to put a certain percentage down… My service, that was my down payment.”

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