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Veterans’ Benefits Rating and Rates

VA benefit payments for Veterans vary depending on a number of factors, including disability ratings and other special circumstances. Your disability rating is determined by the severity of your disability as supported by the evidence submitted in your VA claim or contained in military records, including a VA medical examination in some cases. Disability compensation helps make up for a Veteran’s economic loss resulting from service-related injury or illness. Disability ratings are made in increments of 10 percent, ranging from 0 percent to 100 percent.

Veterans may receive additional Special Monthly Compensation if they have severe disabilities or other special circumstances.

For example, a Veteran with a 30 percent rating …

  • … Who has no dependents would receive $400.93 per month.
  • … Who is married would receive $448.74 per month.
  • … Who is married with one minor child would receive $483.75 per month.

Learn more at VA’s disability compensation page.

How to Apply for VA Disability Compensation


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